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Annonce déposée le 29/03/12 par laplusbelle - annonce numéro 19051, lue fois.

Vends Apple MacBook Pro 2,3 GHz SuperDrive 13,3" LED Core i5

Détail de l'annonce : Apple MacBook Pro 2,3 GHz SuperDrive 13,3" LED Core i5 Processeur : Intel Core i5 à 2,3 GHz, mémoire vive : 4 Go, disque dur : 320 Go. SuperDrive (lecteur et graveur CD/DVD biformat double couche), écran 13,3" LED Type de boîtier Ultra portable - Sub Notebook Poids en kg 2,04 Kg Ecran 13,3 " Processeur Intel Core i5* Fréquence du processeur / Fréquence de Bus 2,3 GHz Mémoire cache externe 3 Mo RAM installée 4 Go Type de mémoire vive installée DDR3 Disque dur 320 Go Type de disque dur SATA Vitesse de rotation du disque dur 5400 tours/min Lecteur / Graveur SuperDrive (lecteur et graveur CD/DVD biformat double couche) Lecteur de cartes mémoire SDXC Carte graphique Intel HD Graphics 3000 Mémoire vidéo maximale 384 Mo Résolution maxi avec mémoire installée 1280 x 800 Webcam intégrée Oui, avec micro Connecteurs FireWire / IEEE 1394 1 Bluetooth oui Microphone intégré Oui Carte réseau Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps Communication sans fil WiFi 802.11 b/g/n et Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Connecteurs 2 USB 2.0, 1 FireWire 800, 1 RJ45, 1 Thunderbolt (Mini DisplayPort natif, DVI/DVI double liaison/VGA/HDMI via adaptateur en option) Dispositif de pointage Multi-touch Trackpad Type de batterie / autonomie Lithium-polymère Système d'exploitation et Logiciels fournis Mac OS X version 10.7 Lion**, iLife ** Système d’exploitation soumis à l'acceptation d’une licence. Dimensions (l x p x h) en mm 325 x 227 x 24,1 

Prix : 600.00 EU

Résidence du vendeur : Paris (75), FRANCE

Pour contacter le vendeur :
Téléphone : 0493966097
Adresse e-mail :

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7 Euros offerts avec le code AFFOLIE7PC


 Message déposé le 03/10/15 par lC2DKC1lrAf0

Rating My previous (non-Windows) lptoap was a trusty 12 G4 ( titanium ). I loved it, as it was (and still is) of an almost perfect size, and capable to do almost everything I needed to do on the road. But it *was* getting old, and when Apple came out with the slightly speedbumped MacBook Pro (a name I still don't like), I ordered it. I'm reviewing the 15 , 2.4 GHz, 2 GB, 200 GB hard drive version.The first thing that strikes you is how thin it is. My good old G4 was already slim, and the envy of almost every other passenger next to me. However, due to the increased screen size, the new MacBook Pro seems even slimmer (it actually *is* slightly slimmer than the G4 in case you wonder). What is really impressive is that the 12 G4 weights nearly the same as the much larger (and newer) 15 that's progress! And the 12 G4 is a lot lighter than my Wintel lptoap.The next thing you notice is when you turn it on: the screen's brightness. I've purchased the matte screen, as I'm not really fond of glossy screens (reflections). Still, the (now LED backlit) screen is astonishingly bright, and bright enough to use outdoors on almost any occasion (except in direct sunlight on a sunny summer day). Contrast is good (even exceptional compared to my G4). The screen's resolution (1440 900) is great, and more than enough for most presentation, spreadsheet and word processing work. Since it's 16:9 aspect ratio, it is also great for most image processing (lots of space for your palettes). It is less well suited for coding, as it is not wide enough for two real' code windows side by side. Then again, the MacBook Pro comes with a graphics card that can drive an external (additional) 21 monitor without breaking a sweat, and that *is* enough for most coding needs. I should note that Apple chose to make the video connector DVI (luckily a standard connector this time, unlike in my G4, where it is a proprietary connector), and omits a standard VGA' style connector. This means that, if you plan on giving a presentation, you should always bring along the DVI to VGA adapter (that Apple thankfully includes in the box).What I really enjoy about the MacBook Pro is it's selection interfaces. I have rather large amounts of data that I have to move in and out of it (from our production machines that do most of the heavy lifting), and having a FireWire 800 port is a godsend. Using Firewire networking, I can move gigabytes in minutes (limited, it seems, more by the lptoap's hard drive than bandwidth). In addition to that, it sports a USB 2.0 (for connecting all those Wintel things, plus iPods), a FireWire 400 port (can be used with older Macs, and many HandyCams), and 802.11 ( Airport ) connectivity (b/g/n). Since the n' part of the 802.11 is not yet officially ratified, there aren't many hotspots that support it (unless you are lucky enough to be close to a new Apple Basestation).Sadly, it does not have a slot for memory cards (CF, SD, whatever), but since readers are really cheap today, that's not an issue. On the upside, it also comes with self-sensing Gigabit Ethernet, wich is something that is really important when you want to quickly connect the lptoap to a wired high-speed network.The MacBook Pro also comes with a front-loading trayless DVD (DL) writer. It's not really fast, but it integrates nicely into the lptoap, and is decidedly much, much cooler than those flimsy contraptions that I see sliding out of so many other lptoaps (my Dell included). I know that there are faster writers, but then again, if I want to write large amounts of data, I usually transfer them to a big box that can write at four times the speed.Temperature-wise the MacBook Pro shares the same problem as most recent lptoaps: it gets uncomfortably warm for something that is supposedly be used on your lap. I didn't get burned, but did not enjoy the sensation either. So, whenever possible, use a surface you can put it on instead of using it directly on your lap. Speaking of using it the keyboard is very similar to the one built into my G4. It's OK, but nothing much to write home about (sorry, couldn't resist that pun). The keys are, however, backlit, which is a definite improvement (and looks really, really great). I still have mimxed feelings with regard to the trackpad. It supports the two-finger clicks' to simulate a two-button mouse and to implement scrolling, but I havn't much used it, opting for a small two-button mouse instead (purchased separately, and not from Apple).There are some other things that come with the MacBook, most notably the built-in iSight (which can't be physically disabled short of voiding your warranty), and a tiny remote. I don't plan to use either. Looking for some freebies on the disk, I discovered that Apple, too, had succumbed to pre-installing demo versions of (thankfully few) applications: MS Office, Aperture and iWork (Keynote and Pages). Freebies are Comic Life, iLife (iMovie, iTunes, iDVD, iWeb, Garageband), and Omni Outliner.It took me roughly 2 hours to completely configure the new lptoap the way I wanted it (most of the time taken up by installing Parallels (with Windows XP taking 45 minutes), Final Cut Studio, XCode, Office, Aperture, Freeway, and iWork). I did not take advantage of the transfer from other Mac' feature (which I know to work well), because I wanted a freshly set up Mac. Still, compared to the time it took me to install and configure my last (Wintel) lptoap, that is next to nothing. Network and Internet setup was a snap, and didn't require much more beyond adding it to our Firewall's good guy' list. I then took it on a road trip over the week-end.I'm happy to say that it passed the trip-test easily. The mag-safe' power adapter is definitely more than just a gadget, but also definitely less than revolutionary. It came off twice during the week-end, but both times a normal power adapter would not have snapped. The second time it came off I only noticed because the screen dimmed immediately (to conserve power, as per energy settings).I never worked with it off the normal power for longer than two hours, so I don't know how realistic Apple's figures are. The battery pack does come with one of those cool green LED charge meters, and after two hours they indicated about 50% charge left (as did the on-screen meter). Working with the MacBook Pro was always good, with all applications being very responsive (except, of course MS Office, as my version is not Universal. It was responsive enough for serious work, though). The wireless antenna seems slightly more sensitive than that from my old G4, but still can't hold a candle against reception in most PC lptoaps with low-cost (and sometimes drop-dead ugly) WiFi adapters. This may be caused by the metallic casing. BlueTooth reception, on the other hand, is good, and proved no problem with any of the bluetooth devices I tried (well I only have two: my phone, and my car). All in all I'm very happy with my new lptoap, prefer it immensely over my Windows-based lptoap (which, now that I have an Intel-based Mac, I can safely store in the attic and return it for the regular company-sponsored upgrades), and only feel slightly guilty of purchasing over my old (but still working) G4. The screen size and brightness, the connectivity, and the incredible slickness of the form factor make this a great lptoap. It's really a hot lptoap. The only downside is that it is also literally a hot lptoap, but not more than my Windows-based lptoap from Dell. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a slick, high-end lptoap.

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